Thursday, June 9, 2011

7 of the Best Cosmetology Schools to Attend in the East Coast

Cosmetology has been rising in popularity for many years, leading to a huge rise in schools throughout the East Coast that specialize in this discipline. Although this is undoubtedly good for this area of education, it also means that potential students have a tough choice to face when choosing where to pursue their education.

Rizzieri Aveda School for Beauty and Wellness, New Jersey

This school is located in Voorhees and is part of the Aveda chain, which is one of the most popular and best known chains of cosmetology schools in the country. First opened in 1924, it has continued to remain in the hands of the same family throughout its existence and is now recognized as one of the best schools in New Jersey.

The school is located in a huge 14,500 square foot building, which allows students plenty of space to practice their individual specialities. Some of the courses that this school offers are manicuring, skin care and even teacher training.

Rudy & Kelly Academy, Virginia

The Rudy & Kelly Academy is run by the other heavyweight within the cosmetology niche – Paul Mitchell. Although these schools originally began life as hair colleges, they have since carved out a place in the cosmetology niche as well. With teachers that are all professionally trained and a complete set of all the equipment that any student would need, there is no wonder that this school has become so well regarded.

It is located in the Virginia Beach area of the state and has excellent transport links. It also has a campus close to many local attractions, such as the world famous pleasure beach.

Regency Beauty Institute, Maryland

Although a small state, Maryland boasts a disproportionate number of beauty schools, with the best of these being the Regency Beauty Institute. This school has all of the modern equipment needed – such as replica salons – to ensure that the student has every chance in succeeding when they finish their studies.

Cozmo, The School – Florida

Cozmo is one of the most up and coming beauty schools in the state of Florida, with many new students enrolling every year. It is located in Bonita Springs and offers a huge selection of areas for students to specialize in. This large array of different courses is made possible due to the fact that it has such a spacious school, meaning that they can not only give students plenty of space in which to learn, but also meaning that they have the room to recreate different salon areas.

Euphoria Institute, Rhode Island

The Euphoria Institute is one of the top cosmetology schools in the state of Rhode Island and is fully furnished with all of the facilities that every beauty school should have. All of the instructors are professionally qualified and they have a comprehensive curriculum which is designed to teach the student everything that they need to know in the world of cosmetology.

Spa Tech Institute, Maine

The Spa Tech Institute is renowned throughout the East Coast as having some of the best programs in the world of beauty, including a fully comprehensive cosmetology course. This beauty school has an excellent record for future employment for students, mainly due to the fact that it concentrates its curriculum on teaching students the skills they will need to know in the real world.

Miller-Motte Technical College, Georgia

This cosmetology school is located in Augusta and offers the best education in this subject throughout the whole state. It is part of a chain of schools that are located throughout the United States and can therefore offer some of the best learning materials and teachers possible. There is also the option to participate in a distance learning course should the student want to.


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